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Rug Doctor carpet cleaning, Fayetteville, Ar. 72701

 In this very fragile economy, it's not uncommon to find someone who is looking for a way to save some money. Some are looking for ways to take care of their own carpets by maintaining them with a store bought carpet extractor, or rental machine from a grocery store. Well here are some things that you might want to keep in mind when it comes to Rug Doctor carpet cleaning in Fayetteville, Ar.72701 or any other similar extractor. First of all let's address the rental machines. Most of these "box style" shaped machines like a Rug Doctor are sometimes difficult to manuever if you don't have the back and muscle for it. Many of these have a rotory brush set up and if one is not careful, can distort the yarn of the carpet fibers. Then there is the amount of water left behind after the cleaning. Water is your carrier, meaning that if you don't extract the water enough, you don't extract the dirt either. Dirt is in the water. Many have found that in some cases the carpet didn't look very clean shortly after cleaning. And it took quite a while for the carpet to dry. The longer carpet stays wet, the more potential for backing damage of the carpet. Finally, there is the question of germs, and other contaminates found in carpet. These home style machines cannot keep the water hot enough to really kill the germs found in your carpet. Most of the water comes from the kitchen tap, and in only a few minutes, the water will only be warm, and effective cleaning will be diminished. Now just to be fair, there are some extractors that you can buy out there on the retail level that have a built in "heat switch". But they could never compare to a professional truck mounted steam cleaner which can produce cleaning temperatures well over 200 degrees. The hotter the water the better the results, and quicker drying as well. And what about getting into those corners of your rooms to clean the carpet?A Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine or similar extractor will usually not be able to get into those tight spaces, leaving some area's of a room untouched. Pulling a box style carpet cleaner such as a Rug Doctor is a lot of weight to have to maneuver with all that water in the holding tank. It will take the do it your selfer hours to clean their home as opposed to a professional who is trained to do it right with the right equipment. In our opinion, in the long term, you are better off letting a company with industrial equipment and the proper knowhow take care of this important task. KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning of Fayetteville Arkansas 72701 has been providing outstanding carpet cleaning with state of the art equipment for over 24 years. You will realize as soon as we enter your home that you will be dealing with real professionals. We are glad to serve you also in the Springdale, Rogers, Lowell, Cave Springs, Bentonville, and surrounding areas. Call us today at: 1-800-846-5608.We hope this article on Rug Doctor carpet cleaning in Fayetteville, Ar. 72701 was helpful. Until next time.

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