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Removing cigarette smoke odor from carpet Bentonville Arkansas 72712

 How to remove cigarette smoke odor from carpet

 You just bought your first home in Bentonville Arkansas 72712 and the previous owners were smokers and the strong smoke odor is in the carpet. Below are some methods that may be helpful, but in some cases not 100%.


  1. This method is generally safe for all carpet types.
  2. Sprinkle the entire carpet with the baking soda.
  3. If you prefer the room to have a pleasant light scent, mix the lavender with the baking soda before sprinkling.
  4. Let sit overnight .
  5. Vacuum carpets.
  6. Repeat if necessary.
  7. If the above method does not eliminate the odor, you should call us at KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning. They will have the cleaning chemicals necessary to eliminate stubborn odors.
  8. If all else fails, you may need to replace the carpet.

      Kleensmart Carpet Cleaning has been addressing this problem of removing cigarette odor from carpet for the last 24 years. Smoke odor bonds with the carpet fibers and builds up over time, and in some cases cannot be completely removed in one cleaning. So we suggest that after we service your carpet, that you wait for the next day when the carpet is fully dry and sprinkle a generous portion of baking soda on all affected carpets and leave on all day. Vacuum the carpet the next day. You should see a marked improvement in the level of odor. Keep in mind that the walls are also porous and can absorb smoke odor as well, not just the carpet, so that will have to be addressed as well. Removing cigarette smoke odor from carpet requires time as this problem has been in the home for perhaps many years, so overnight success is not alway's possible. Give us a call at KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning for assistance at: 1-800-846-5608 for cleaning and removal of cigarette smoke odor from carpet. We would be happy to assist.We also provide services to other surrounding areas from Fayetteville to Rogers.

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