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Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Rogers, Ar. 72758

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 Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Rogers, Ar.

  This video, which I do not expect anyone to watch the whole 30 minutes of is a prime example of why you should reconcider using a Rug Doctor vs. a professional carpet cleaning company. The cleaner in this video said he was going to have to do several cleanings withe the rental machine, and if you skip to the last couple of minutes of the presentation, you can see the dismal results. Let's take a look at some facts about the use of portable rental machines.

First here is one problem that you will find every time with the Rug Doctor. No hot water. Well, it's hot when it is first put in the machine, but without some way to keep the water hot, it soon becomes lukewarm, so the cleaning will be more difficult. Heavy soiling of carpet needs the hottest water you can get to effectively lift the soil and stains from the carpet.

Here is another fact that should be kept in mind. These machines do not have very strong pumps for extracting the water from the carpet, so the carpet is left very wet, and takes a long time to dry. And since water carries the dirt from the carpet, if you leave the water behind, you leave the dirt in the carpet as well. Really, these rental machines should be used for just that, rentals, like apartments. Most renters just want to save some money and get their deposit back when they move out.

But for you homeowners, may we suggest letting a professional carpet cleaning service do the cleaning. At Kleensmart Carpet Cleaning Rogers Ar. 72758 we have state of the art powerful truckmounted extraction equipment to blast the soil and dirt out of the carpet but at the same time not overwet the carpet. Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, the choice is Kleensmart Carpet Cleaning. Call us at: 1-800-846-5608. And check out our pre-recorded consumer line 24 hrs a day at:1-888-806-3569.