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Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Fayetteville, Ar. 72703


 Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Fayetteville

 This short video is showing a professional carpet cleaner cleaning up a carpet that was cleaned by a homeowner who attempted to clean her carpet herself using a Rug Doctor machine. The rewsults of her cleaning were less than desired as youcould see. So, for a moment lets take a good look at some of the issues when comparing a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning.

The Rug Doctor machine does not have any means of keeping the cleaning solution hot. And as we all know, hot water always cleans better than lukewarm tap water, especially on very soiled carpet. Water in the cleaning serves to be the carrier of soil from ther fabric, much like cleaning laundry. The problem with a rental machine is that the suction pumps on these machines does not have the capacity to remove large amonts of water, so the carpet stays wet afterr the cleaning for quite some time.

On the other hand , a professional truck mounted hot water extraction system has the capacity to keep consistant heat, so the carpet cleans better and dries in just hours, not days. So the comparison between a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning is night and day.

So when comparing Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, call KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning Fayetteville Ar. 72703 . We have 24 years of professional experience and the results will speak for themselves. So watch the video, and call us at: 1-800-846-5608.