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Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Rogers Ar. 72758

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 Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning,Rogers Ar.

  This is a short video from the UK showing some of the results from using a Rog Doctor in a rental apartment. Evidently the carpet was very soiled and the results were not very favorable. If you noticed in the presentation, he showed you an area that was cleaned professionally and what was not. You could clearly see the results. Well lets take a moment and see the clear distinction between a Rug Doctor vs. professional cleaning in Rogers Ar. 72758

Some of the problems with these rental machines is that they just do not have the power to lift the soil out of a very dirty carpet, as you could see in the video. Another reason is these machines do not have built in heat, and heated water is a key ingredient in getting the results that you want in the cleaning. Hot water breaks down difficult stains, and also dries faster then plain warm tap water.

Another thing to consider is how wet is the carpet going to be when you use a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning. Most rental machines have a very small extraction pump for removing the water from carpet. So many find that their carpet takes quite a long time to dry. Also, you have to keep in mind that water is the carrier that removes the soil from the fiber. So if you leave the water behind, you leave the dirt behind as well.

 In the long run you are better off hiring a professional carpet cleaner to come in and clean with their powerful commercial equipment and cleaning solutions that can really produce a better result, one that you will never get from a portable rental machine. At KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning, we use the latest truck mounted equipment and 24 years of expert experience to make your carpets shine like new again. Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, the video speaks for itself. Give us a call at: 1-800-846-5608.