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Spot clean wool rug, Fayetteville, Ar. 72703


 Wool fibers in area rugs are soft to the touch as well as who can argue with the beauty of the designs of each individual rug made. They truely are a work of art, and bring out the best of any room they are laid in. However wool fabric, unlike traditional synthetic carpet fabric, is not as easy to care for and certain guidelines need to be adhered to in order for these rugs to maintain their beautiful appearance for many years to come. It is inevitable that sooner or later some kind of spill is going to happen and you as the homeowner will have to spot clean a wool rug. On this video from a rug cleaner I know personally in Durango Colorado, pay attention to how easy it is too remove a common spot or spill from your area rug successfully. The key of course is to address the issue right away. To spot clean a wool rug can be done with great results. However, at KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning Fayetteville Ar. 72703, we advise you to call us for a regular cleaning of your area rugs. This keeps them looking new . In between regular cleanings, your spot cleaning a wool rug properly will avoid spots and stains from becoming permanent and unsightly. KleenSmart in Fayetteville Arkansas 72703 also cleans wall to wall carpet, upholstery, and ceramic tile and grout. Call usat: 1-800-846-5608