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Steam Cleaning a Trashed Out Carpet Fayetteville Arkansas 72703

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 Sometimes we run across a carpet that has been so abused that it looks beyond recovery. In this video, you can see firsthand how we can use the latest in carpet cleaning equipment to restore a carpet back to acceptable condition. We run into this level of soiled carpet typically in the rental properties as most tenants do not clean a carpet they do not own. To restore a carpet in this condition requires commercial hot water extraction or steam cleaning with the use of a truckmounted unit.

 That's not to say that we can recover all heavily soiled carpets. Some may be so soiled that no amount of steam cleaning will make a difference. But with our 24 years of quality carpet cleaning, we are able to recover a majority of carpets that have been what appears to be ruined. Our steam cleaning products are the best on the market as well, which helps up achieve outstanding results. We have been cleaning rental properties and reaaly soiled carpets for the last 24 years and we have some great cleaning products that can make a real difference in the cleaning outcome. Give us a call at KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning for expert quality carpet steam cleaning. You can reach the owner direct at: 1-800-846-5608, and that number will go right to our cell phone for quick response.