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  When it comes time for you to have your carpets cleaned, there are now different choices that were once not available a few years ago. You can now choose between wet or dry carpet cleaning. First lets understand what it really means when you get your carpets cleaned the dry chemical way. And when we say  dry chemical, we use this description so as not to point to any one company with a name that might be simular. It is not professional to say negative things about a given company by exposing the name. All companies have good and bad features that you as a consumer must decide which feature is in your best long term interest. But here is something that is a fact in all wet or dry carpet cleaning. First, all carpet cleaning incorporates some form of water or moisture. The dry chemical method just uses less water and relies on agitation of the carpet and their special chemical combination to get the results they are looking for. The wet method uses hot water extraction, or steam cleaning to clean carpet. High pressure water is jetted into the carpet and extracted immediately. This method is in most carpet cleaning companies the most preferred method because it is like a wash and rinse cycle which if done properly, will leave your carpet residue free and will stay cleaner longer. It's interesting to note that the major dry carpet cleaning companies have been using some form of "wet" hot water extraction even at low moisture levels to rince out the carpet. So if you are needing your carpets cleaned any time soon, then you now have a little background on wet or dry carpet cleaning methods in Fayetteville. If you need further information on this subject, then call KleenSmart Carpet , Upholstery,and Tile Cleaning in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We provide professional hot water extraction cleaning, and we don't overwet your carpet. We have over 24 years of carpet cleaning experience and we will clean your carpet in a way that will make it sparkle and shine. Wet or dry carpet cleaning in Fayetteville Arkansas 72701 should no longer be a mystery. Call us at:1-800-846-5608. Visit us on the web at: kleensmart.net

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